The (Real) Best PTC Websites To Join

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If you are searching for the best ptc websites to join then you came to the right place. I have listed below the top 5 best ptc websites that are available for you to join today.

I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of websites who claim that their list with ptc websites is the best, so why you should trust mine.

The answer is simple:

I am listing ONLY ptc websites that have been paying their members for many years and have a steady flow of new members and advertisers and not ptc websites that have been online for the past six months or so.

If you are Now starting your ptc journey or if you have been scammed by other ptc websites before and you want a SOLID PTC LIST with Trusted & Paying PTC Websites, then this post is for YOU.

Criteria of Choosing The Best PTC Websites

The ptc websites that you are about to see in a moment are considered the best, because they share some common characteristics. These characteristics are what differentiates them from the rest 1000 ptc websites that are out there.

These characteristics are:

  • They have been online for over 5 years each
  • Have over 500 000 members each
  • Have a steady number of new members joining every day
  • Have a lot of advertisers
  • They have many ways to earn money and
  • Have been paying their members on time EVERY TIME.

I’m sure these are the characteristics you are looking for in a ptc website.

With the PTC websites that you are going to see in a moment you will be able to build your long-term career with them.

Why I Created This Guide

I’ve been dealing with the ptc industry for over 4 years and I can tell you for sure that 95% ptc websites that are out there right now will NOT manage to survive more than 1 Year.

The reason is because the competition is fierce. Building a ptc website is very easy nowadays  and everyone can start his own ptc webssite. What most people fail to realize is that running a ptc website is not as easy as it may sound.

You need to have a steady flow of new members, a steady flow of new advertisers and your members have to actually earn money, in order to stay active.

Also, most ptc users (including me when I first started) will signup with a ptc website that will eventually shut down, leaving them ”hanged”.

The most frightening fact is that if you search for the keyword ”Best PTC Sites” or similar keywords you will get hundreds of results of lists that supposedely are the best but in reality they have nothing to do with Legit ptc websites. 

For example, I typed ” best ptc sites” in Google and these are the top 4 results I got:

In his list he has a website called ”Traffic Monsoon” which is a ptc,revenue share program by a guy who is a know fraudster in the past. He also has a website called ”Kinz Traffic” (??) which he claims is ”HOT” (and only God knows why this website is listed in a list that claims that has the best ptc sites). Finally among other he has a website that’s called ”Buxept” and is less than 6 months old. (so how can you add a website that is less than 6 months old in a list with best ptc sites?)

This website is an advertising site. That means that you can purchase a banner space and advertise whatever you want. YES, Even PTC websites that are not time-tested and might turn to scam after 2 months can be listed here. Imagine how many new ptc users get increased chanced of getting scammed.

Again, this guy lists websites that do selective payments and have administrators that are known scammers.

I’m not saying that all the websites listed there are bad, but they do have websites that are NOT Legit. It’s obvious, that these websites are not listing ptc websites, because they are the best but because they are affiliated with them.

Not that being affiliated with a ptc website is bad. On the contrary, it is our job (as affiliates) to prmote them by building websites around them. In doing so, doesn’t mean that we have to promote ptc websites that are NOT time-tested and might turn into scams.

The Websites

The websites presented below have been tested by me. I have been using them – and promoting them proudly – for the past 4 years. They are paying on time – every time. I recommend joining them without any fears.

- 8 Years Online
- 5 000 000 members
- 5 ways to Earn
-Rented Refs: NO
- $6 Cashout (Prem.)
- 7 Years Online
- 484 000 members
- 6 ways to Earn
- Rented Refs: NO
- $6.99 Cashout
- 6 years online
- 500 000+ members
- 9 ways to earn
- Rented Refs: NO
- $0.60 Cashout
WordLinx - Get Paid To Click- 12 Years Online
- Members: ??
- 2 Ways to earn
- Rented Refs: YES
- $10 Cashout
- 8 Years Online
- Members: ??
- 5 Methods to earn
- $10 Cashout
- Rented Refs: YES

Overview: Clixsense has been online for 8 Years  and it has been paying it’s members ever since. It has over 5 000 000 members with a steady stream of newcomers and a steady stream of new advertisers.

Earning Methods: Clixsense offers 6 ways to earn money such as:

  • clicking ads,
  • Watching Videos
  • completing surveys,
  • online tasks,
  • online offers (videos,app downloads, trials),
  • referring people
  • clicking on the clixgrid

Payments: Payments are made every Wednesday. Free members get paid when their accounts accumulate $12 while Premium Members when their account reach $8. This ptc website support payments via PayPal, Payza, Paytoo and Neteller.

Upgrades: Clixsense offers one of the cheapest upgrade plans on the industry. For only $17 per year you get the Premium features that other ptc websites require hundreds of dollars.

Affiliate Program: Clixsense offers one of the most lucrative programs in the industry. As a Premium Member you earn $0.10 instantly when you refer someone ($0.05 fore basic members), and 10% from any actions your referrals do 8 levels deep. (Basic members earn 5% from only the first level.) Learn more about Clixsense’s affiliate program here

Other Features: Clixsense has a browser plugin that allows you to always stay updated for any new ads,tasks,offers and surveys available without entering their website.

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Overview: Wordlinx has been online for 12 Years (wow) and it has been paying it’s members ever since. I don’t know what is the exact number of iits members because the administrator is not providing any info. What I know for sure is that it has many advertisers that keep this ptc website healthy.

Earning Methods: Wordlinx offers 3 ways of making money.

  • clicking ads
  • completing offers.
  • referring people

Payments: Payments are instant when you reach $10. Instant payments mean that whenever you ask for a payment, it will immediatel credited to your account. This ptc supports payments via PayPal and Payza.

Upgrades: Wordlinx has two upgrade plans. The one is called Verified Membership and it costs $17 per year or $79 for life and the second is called PRO Membership and it costs $25 per month or $99 per year.

Affiliate Program: Wordlinx offers a decent affiliate program by offering direct referrals and rented referrals. It’s rented referrals are NOT bots – like other ptc websites. You can buy them at the beginning of every month (if you are fast enough).

They also offer a ”pay to refer” program where they pay you $0.001 for every person you refer if you are a basic member, $0.005 if you are a Verified member and $0.01 if you area PRO member. The difference with Clixsense is that on Worldlinx you get paid when your referrals refer others too, on 5 levels deep. Read more on Worldlinx affiliate program here.

Other Features: With Worldlinx you earn points when you view advertisements which you can exchange later with advertising on their website.

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buxp review homepage
Screenshot from BuxP’s homepage.

Overview: BuxP has been online for 7 Years. It has over 500 000+ members with a steady stream of newcomers and a steady stream of new advertisers.

Earning Methods: BuxP offers 6 ways to earn money such as:

  • clicking ads,
  • Video ads
  • Video offers
  • Online Tasks
  • Online Offers
  • Casino & Lottery

Payments: For basic members, the minimum cashout is at least $6.99 accumulated to Paypal. The first payment request is paid in NET30 days and as of your 2nd payment request you will get paid INSTANTLY.

For Premium Members, the minimum cashout is at least $6.99 accumulated to Payza and Paypal. The first payment request is paid in NET3 days and as of your 2nd payment request you will get paid INSTANTLY.

Upgrades: BuxP has one upgrade plan which cost $49.99 per year, $29.99 for 6 months or $7.99 per month. You get 5 direct referrals as a gift each time you upgrade for a full year. If your direct referrals (those you get as a gift or buy) are not activbe you can recycle them with no extra charge

Affiliate Program: BuxP offers a very good affiliate program. You don;t have any direct referrals limitation. Also you don’t have to be active in order to earn from your referrals. As a Premium Member you earn 7.5% from you referrals instead of 2.5% as a normal member.

Other Features: BuxP has a Traffic Exchange system. It is selling referrals when available that are yours for ever. Premium members can replace them if inactive for free. It also offers a browser tootlbar that notifies you for new ads, tasks and offers.

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Cash N Hits

Overview: CashNHits is online for 6 years and it has more than 500 000 referrals. It is a well known and trusted ptc website.

Earning Methods: CashnHits offers 8 ways to earn money such as:

  • View advertisements
  • Video Ads
  • Paid To Like Facebook Pages
  • Click on The Cash-in-Grid
  • Complete Online offers
  • Paid To Promote
  • Complete online surveys
  • Play The Lottery

Payments: Payments are made instantly but are increasing every time you submit a cashout. Of example, basic member get paid when they accumulate $0.60 the first time, then when they accumulate $1.50, then on $2.00 on the fourth payment, $3.00 on the 5th and then it stays on $3.

Premium members get paid when they reach $0.50 for the first time,$1 for the second time, $1.50 for the third time, $2.00 for the fourth and all subsequent payments.

Cash n hits offers payments via PayPal and Payza.

Upgrades: CashNHits has 6 upgrade plans.

  • Three Monthly Upgrade: $3 for 3 months.
  • Verified Membership: $6 for one year.
  • Way Up Membership: $9 for 3 Months
  • Ultimate Membership: $16 For 1 Month
  • Yearly Lite Membership: $30 For 1 Year
  • Yearly Loaded Membership: $50 For 1 Year

Affiliate Program:  Learn more about CashNHits’s affiliate program here

Other Features: CashNHits offers you the opportunity to create a free blog hosted on their website. You can write articles and promote them getting people to sign up to a service through your content or joining on CashNHits.

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Overview: Neobux has been online for 8 Years. It is one of the most trusted ptc websites in the industry. No one knows how many members Neobux actually has and this is kinda odd.

Earning Methods: Neobux offers 6 ways to earn money such as:

  • Clicking ads
  • Watching Videos
  • Testing your luck with the adprize
  • Completing Online Taks
  • Completing Online Offers
  • Rented Referrals

Payments: Payments on Neobux are instant. with the minimum amount you need is $2 for the first time. After that $1 will be added every time you ask for a payment until you reach $10 and stabilizes there. You can get paid from Neobux on PayPal, Payza and Neteller.

Upgrades: Neobux has one of the most expensive upgrade plans in the industry.

You can upgrade your membership to Golden by paying $90 per year and then add one of the following ”packs” on your membership for greater profits:

  • Emerald: $290 per year
  • Saphire: $290 per year
  • Platinum: $490 per year
  • Diamond: $490 per year
  • Ultimate: $890 per year

Affiliate Program: Neobux’s affiliate program is not one of my favorites becasue it has many restrictionb on the number of Direct referrals you can get. You are required to upgrade in higher plans in order to be able to get more direct referrals.  Unfortunately they do not offer an affiliate page with the details on.

Other Features: Neobux has a browser plugin that notifies you when new ads are available and it is is translated in 8 languages.

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The ptc websites I mentione above are the ONLY ones you will need if you want to meet success with ptc websites.

With them, you can be sure that they will not Scam you in any way. They have been online for many years, they are trusted and they are paying their members. Most importnatly they have NEW members joining them Every day and new advertisers.

Most ptc websites eventually fail because they lack the ability to Get Constantly New members and Money from advertising.

Take the Sure Way with these 5 ptc websites above and

If you found a mistake on the information provided above please contact us. If you have any comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.