Best PTC Websites

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Do you know that there are thousands of PTC websites online with hundreds been ”born” every day as we speak? All of them claim to be trusted, legit and that will pay you on time for your hard earned work.

Pff… Yeah Right!

But, which PTC sites are telling the truth? Which PTC websites are going to survive in this competitive niche? The competition in the paid to click niche is fierce and most PTC websites survive only for the first six months of their existence.

So, how will you know which PTC website you should Join?

Good Question my Friend. We at have decided to create this website to ”monitor” the top best PTC websites that are available to join.

Why you should trust us

  • From PTC Users to PTC users: We are a team of PTC users that deal with the Paid to Click industry for over 5 years. We’ve seen everything. From PTC websites that closed unexpectedly after 7 years of existence to PTC websites that scammed thousand of people who were trying to make some extra cash online.
  • NOT Sponsored listings: These best PTC websites listed below are NOT sponsored by advertisers. Most trusted PTC lists that you see online, are listing PTC websites that are not checked thoroughly for their legitimacy. They list PTC websites from people who pay them to have their website listed there.
  • Frequent Updates: This best PTC websites list is updated once per week. If any of the PTC websites listed here, start to look suspicious, we will examine it and if necessary will be pulled down. It will be replaced immediately with the next most trusted PTC website.

This monitor will never accept sponsored listings from websites that have not passed at least 80% of our 15 trust factor points, and that’s a promise.

Best PTC Websites


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