PTC Trust Factor Evaluation Points

We evaluate each PTC website listed in our official best PTC websites list, according to these 14 Trust Factors. Each PTC website is evaluated and positioned on the best ptc websites list according to it’s score.

Here are the 14 Trust Factors:

PTC website pays users more than $0.01 per click.
PTC Website Has a Forum.
PTC website looks ugly.
Ptc Website Uses a Unique Script.
Whois Information is NOT Hidden
Administrator did NOT had PTC websites that scammed people in the past.
PTC Website does NOT offer Rented Referrals.
PTC Website Does NOT Have many Upgrade Levels.
PTC Website Does NOT offer free membership for the first XXXX members.
PTC website has NO Misspellings on its copy.
PTC Website Has NO Bad Reviews on different PTC forums and websites.
PTC Website has a steady stream of New Members.
PTC website has a lot of members..

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